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Cowboy Bebop the movie

Cowboy Bebop the movie

"Mars.  Days before Halloween 2071.  Villains blow up a tanker truck on Highway One, releasing a deadly virus that kills hundreds.  Fearing a bigger, even more devastating biochemical attack, an astronomical reward is offered for the arrest and capture of the person behind the destruction.  On the space ship "Bebop," Spike Spiegel and his crew of bounty hunters (Jet Black, Faye Valentine, Ed and Ein) are bored and short of cash.  But with the news of the reward everything changes."

How many people here have seen any Cowboy Bebop before?
The first thing I loved about it was honestly the music. Bowboybebop has, in my opinion an awesome soundtrack. Then there's the show. I mean before this I had nothign to do with anything country. Yet a show about cowboy bounty hunters pulled me in and somehow kept me interested. There are some pretty good clips and a trailer on the link I posted, if anyone would like to check them out.

I would like to hear a few opinions on Cowboy bebop and especially from those who are not fimiliar with the show.

Oh and on a side note......if you enjoy fun random songs, download the song chicken bone from the cowboy bebop soundtrack.

Brownie pointage and a cookie to the person who can tell me what episode chicken bone was in.
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